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Ever since ancient times, people have used architectural elements to enhance the beauty of their homes and gardens. Ancient Roman villas, for example, were typically enhanced with garden statuary. Beginning in early medieval times, monarchs and aristocrats decorated their palatial homes and gardens with architectural elements. As the ordinary people in the lower classes became more affluent, they naturally made similar aesthetic choices. From the middle of the 18th century up until the present, people with discerning taste have desire beautiful antique architectural elements and antique architectural fragments to decorate their homes and gardens. In the last 50 years there has been a significant increase in the demand for antique garden urns, antique garden statuary, antique garden fountains, antique garden gates, and antique garden doors. To take care of our clients, LR Antiques conducts internet research and travels internationally to obtain antique architectural elements. Among the items in our collection are Antique garden stone statues, Antique garden concrete urns, Antique Architectural columns, Antique bronze fountains, Antique garden finials, and Antique garden planters.

Gilt Brass Fireplace Fender in The Rococo Revival Louis XVI Style

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19th Century Antique Hand Carved Oak Pedestal Column . Ionic Capital Design. Ornate. European.

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Antique Brass and Leather Club Fender, England 19th Century.

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