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Ever since the Paleolithic era, human beings have been expressing themselves artistically. Basically, two forms of art were created in the Paleolithic, painting and sculpture. Stone Age artists painted bison, horses and deer, as well as hunting scenes, on the walls of caves, and also carved sculptural objects in the form of small statues. The Neolithic and Bronze Ages that followed saw the continuation of painting and statuary. Artists in Ancient Egypt, the Neat East, Greece and Rome, painted images on tomb, temple and palace walls, and created bronze and carved stone statuary, to represent gods and rulers. Following antiquity, the oil paintings and carved marble statuary made in the Mediaeval and Renaissance periods reached very high levels of aesthetic beauty. For our client’s needs, LR Antiques has available a large selectin of 18th and 19th century paintings, and an exquisite collection of 19th century carved marble statuary.

St. Radegundis Oil on canvas signed B. Imhoff 1906

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Late 19th Century Oil Painting on Canvas. Figures in An Egyptian Market. French. European School. Artist Signed A. Berard. Artist Unknown. Ornate frame.

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Italian Art Deco Onyx Jumping Gazelle Candleholders.

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Fishing Boats on the Bay at Sunset. Oil on Canvas. Mid Century

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Village Scene near River Shore in Late Spring. Oil on Canvas. Painting European School. 19th Century

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Pair of Antique Italian hand painted oil on canvas floral panels, in shaped carved painted wood frames. European. Italian. Artist Unknown. 1900’s

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Large 19th Century Oil on Canvas Painting. American. Helios in a Chariot Surrounded by Nymphs and Cupid. 19th Century Mythological Subject. Artist Unknown