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Today in the digital age, it’s easy to forget the importance of clocks to past generations. During the time of our great grandfathers, mechanical clocks were considered technologically advanced objects. They were also luxury objects. Ordinary people did not own and live with clocks. Although time telling devices such as sundials and water clocks date back to ancient times, the history of the mechanical clock dates to before the last quarter of the 13th century, probably invented in Burgundy. Those earliest clocks had no minute hand, only an hour hand. In the second half of the 17th century, the minute hand was added. Once invented in the 17th century, clock manufacturers prospered. A wide variety of clocks in all manner of artistic design was manufactured: Antique Long Case Pendulum clocks, Antique Lantern clocks, Antique Bracket clocks, Antique Mantel clocks, Antique Garniture clocks, Antique Carriage clocks, among others. The antique clocks in our collection come from many countries. To satisfy clients, LR Antiques seeks out the finest and most rare Antique French clocks, Antique French pendulum clocks, Antique French mantel clocks, Antique English clocks, Antique Swedish clocks and Antique German clocks.

1870’s Antique French Sevres Porcelain Ormolu Clock

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