Antiques Italian Micro Mosaic Earrings ,Gold 18K.Italy

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Antique pair of Italian Micro mosaic earrings, hand crafted in a floral design and set in 18k gold.

Wearing micro mosaic jewelry became popular during the Grand Tour period (17th – 19th Century). Members of rich European families would travel around Europe, taking in the sights and cultures of different countries. Italy was a very popular tourist spot as it had a long and prestigious history in arts and culture – a favorite subject in aristocratic circles. It was also a famous glass producer, and canny Italian craftsmen quickly turned their glass making skills to making stunning miniature micro mosaic pictures for their rich visitors.

Mosaic work jewelry of this period usually depicted famous Italian landmarks as well as floral motifs. The richest tourists would commission their own mosaics, with animals and famous works of art being favorite subjects. The small size of the micro mosaic was appealing; micro mosaics could be worn on the Grand Tourists continuing journey, or sent back home to love ones as a kind of fore-runner to our modern postcards.

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Circa 19th Century up to 1875
Condition Excellent
Origin Italy
Style Neo - Classic
Length 0 in height 0 in
Width 0 in weight 0 pound
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Antiques Italian Micro Mosaic Earrings ,Gold 18K.Italy