Plum Blossom Red Cloisonné Vase .Sato.Japan.

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The vase has a standard cooper body with an applied silver rim and silver base-plate. The body of the vase has been hammered to give nanako ground and decorated with engraved design of bamboo leaves chased in the base metal under the enameling. The front has branch of plum blossoms. The vase is covered with transparent red enamel in the technique known as akasuke. It is properly marked: Japan –Artist stamp-Sato –Cloisonné, this mark was used after 1945.

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Length height 6 in
Width 3 1/8" weight 1 pound

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Estimated Arrival 25-30 days
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Plum Blossom Red Cloisonné Vase .Sato.Japan.