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Ever since the development of oil based pigments in the 1400s, oil paintings have been valued by discerning collectors. To satisfy our clients’ needs, LR Antiques sells Original Fine Art in the form of lovely oil paintings. Acquired on European shopping trips, at auction, and at private estate sales, our collection includes 18th Century Oil Paintings, 19th Century Oil Paintings, Antique Portrait paintings, Antique Landscape paintings, Antique Still life paintings, Antique Religious paintings, Antique History paintings, Antique Mythology paintings, Antique Genre scenes, and Antique painted Marine subjects. Represented in the collection are Antique French Oil paintings, Antique English Oil paintings, Antique Italian Oil paintings, Antique Dutch Oil paintings and Antique American Oil paintings. We have available an exceptionally beautiful 19th Century Oil on Canvas Portrait of a Young Lady Holding Flowers, from the European School.

19th Century Oil on Canvas Painting. Portrait of a Young Lady in Period Clothing Holding an Array of Flowers. European School. Artist Unknown.

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St. Radegundis Oil on canvas signed B. Imhoff 1906

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Village Scene near River Shore in Late Spring. Oil on Canvas. Painting European School. 19th Century

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Armand Jean le Bouthillier de Rancé ?. Portrait. European School. 17th/18th Century Oil Painting on Canvas.

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“The Guardian” Orientalist Oil on Canvas Painting. 19th Century European school. Att. Rudolphe Ernst (1854-1932) Austro – French

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GMO Guillermo Acevedo Mixed Media Painting 1960’s

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18th Century Oil on Canvas Painting. Portrait of an Aristocratic Boy with his Dog. European School. Possibly late 1700s. Artist Unknown

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A. Blanchard Pair Oil on Canvas Parisian Street Scenes. France , 20th Century.

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