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Included in LR Antiques’ collection of Original Fine Art, is the important category of Traditional Fine Art Prints. The history of Traditional Fine Art prints dates back to the 1400s, when artists began to use printing presses to make multiple images. Quickly Royalty, the Church and aristocratic collectors began to value Fine Art Prints as much as Paintings and Sculpture. Old Master painters such as Albrecht Durer, Rembrandt and Goya collaborated with printers to create some of the world’s most precious Fine Art Prints. LR Antiques has available Traditional Antique Wood Cuts, Traditional Antique Engravings, and Traditional Antique Lithographs. In our collection are both 18th Century and 19th Century Fine Art Prints, specifically 18th Century Wood Cuts, 18th Century Etchings, 18th Century Engravings and 18th Century Lithographs, as well as 19th Century Wood Cuts, 19th Century Etchings, 19th Century Engravings and 19th Century Lithographs.

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