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Connoisseurs of Fine Art Watercolor Paintings are quite familiar with the qualities that distinguish them from Fine Art Oil Paintings. Besides being made with water-based pigments, Watercolor Paintings are composed with brushed pigment as well as lines. Another fundamental difference is that Watercolors Paintings predate Oil Paintings by many thousands of years, Watercolor Paintings date back to the Paleolithic era and first appeared on cave walls. The ancient Egyptians painted Watercolor images on papyrus, and the Chinese paint primarily with Watercolors. Admittedly, it was in England during the eighteenth century that Watercolor Paintings reached elevated levels of beauty, examples being the Romantic watercolor landscapes painted by J.M.W. Turner. Watercolor Paintings are an important category of LR Antiques Fine Art collection. We have available Antique Watercolor Paintings and Vintage Watercolor Paintings. The collection includes 18th Century Watercolor Paintings and 19th Century Watercolor Paintings

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