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Antique 19th C. French Walnut Cabinet / Night Stand Napoleon III period.

Antique 19th century French walnut cabinet / night stand with white marble top, above a single pull out drawer and door which encloses a fitted marble interior. The open bottom shelve and all panels are decorated with book match veneer in diamond pattern. All of the decorative moldings and ridged turned columns are decorated with dore bronze ormolu. Two columns on each side add to the cabinet's classical beauty.

Antique Country French, Louis XV style Full Bed. France 19th C

THIS ITEM IS SOLD Antique Louis XV/ Country French style bed constructed out of chestnut wood with hand- carved cartouches on top of headboard and footboard. The carvings are shell and foliage ,Head and foot boards supported by cabriole carved legs. Both, head and foot boards are recently  upholstered on either side in  a neutral white linen fabric. Measurements: outside 83”L x 57 ½” W x 55 1/2” H; inside 53”L x 78 ½”W, Foot boar  57 1/2" W x  30”h; rails 1 1/2"d x 6" W , from the floor to the top of the rail is  13  ½” H . The bed is structurally sound and in  very good condition. France, late 1800’s early 20th century .    $ 2,250.00

Art Deco Chest of Drawers, Birch wood , Germany, 1920-1940’s.

THIS ITEM IS SOLD Art Deco period chest of drawers, constructed out of birch wood in straight and simple lines. Top of the chest is decorated with ebonized band all the way around the edge. Four front drawers are decorated with cone-shaped ebony and birch pulls and two ebonized escutcheons, entire structure supported by four ebonized feet ,two front one in the shape of the slipper feet. Measurements 43 ¼”L x 23 ¼”D x 30”h. Chest is in very good condition and is structurally sound. Germany , 1920’s-1940's  

Empire chest of drawer with ormolu mahogany, marble top, c.a. 1860’s France.

A French Empire period chest of drawers from the 1850s constructed out of mahogany and adorned with ormolu mounts would be a magnificent piece of furniture, showcasing the opulence and elegance characteristic of the Empire style. Mahogany was a popular wood choice during the Empire period due to its rich color, durability, and ability to take on intricate carvings and details. Ormolu refers to finely gilded bronze mounts often used to embellish furniture during the Empire era. These mounts were intricately designed and added a luxurious touch to the piece. They could take the form of decorative elements such as lion heads, laurel wreaths, or mythological motifs. The use of marble for the top of the chest of drawers adds a sense of grandeur and sophistication. Marble was commonly employed in Empire furniture as it symbolized wealth and luxury. Bun feet, round and bulbous in shape, were a characteristic feature of Empire furniture. They provided stable support and added a distinctive aesthetic element to the overall design. The French Empire style emerged during the reign of Napoleon Bonaparte (early 19th century) and was characterized by a revival of classical themes from ancient Rome and Greece. Furniture from this period often featured bold, symmetrical designs, decorative motifs, and a preference for dark, rich woods. The craftsmanship of furniture from the French Empire period was highly detailed, showcasing intricate carvings and attention to detail. The combination of mahogany, ormolu mounts, marble, and bun feet would have required skilled artisans to create a piece of such high quality. An Empire period chest of drawers like this would not only have served a functional purpose but also made a statement about the owner's taste, wealth, and appreciation for classical aesthetics. Such pieces are often considered valuable antiques today, reflecting the craftsmanship and design trends of the 19th century. Chest is in very good condition, structurally sound.
Measurements are - 49" L x 25" D x 42" H

Pair 19th century French Walnut Settees, Louis XV style, Circa 1870, France, Antique, Pair

Pair of 19th century French Louis XV style elaborately carved walnut settees, constructed out of European walnut and recently upholstered in light cream color satin fabric. Pair are dates to 1870s, attributed to Parisian school. Settees are standing on foliate-carved cabriole legs, entire frame is hand carved in floral and foliate design , top decorated with with a shell motif a favorite aristocrats - Parisian style of the 19th century. The backs of settees  divided into three upholstered sections. The are in excellent condition and recently reupholstered. Size: 50" w x 26" d x 34" h, Seat measurements : 38 l x 23" d x 17" Seat H.: 16"