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“St. Wolfgang” of Regensburg. Oil on Canvas. German school. 19th Century

A 19th Century oil painting on canvas depicting a saint. Saint Wolfgang wears robes and has a halo. He is holding a model of a church in one hand and an axe in the other. There is a church in the distant mountainous background. The halo on this figure’s head indicates he was canonized, symbolizes saintly status. The figure’s hat is that of a Bishop or Cardinal. The axe refers to an incident in the life of the saint. After having selected a solitary spot in the wilderness, he prayed and then threw the axe into the ticket; the spot on which the axe fell he regarded as the place where GOD intended he should build his church. The axe is still shown in the little market town of St. Wolfgang which sprang up on the spot of the old church. Very good condition. Canvas is 16"w x 21" X H1" Frame 24"L x 2" D x 30" H

Armand Jean le Bouthillier de Rancé ?. Portrait. European School. 17th/18th Century Oil Painting on Canvas

A 17-18th century oil painting on canvas of a Roman Catholic male figure wearing monastic robes and holding a crucifix symbolizing dedication of his life to God. This painting is not signed or titled but the figure’s facial features very closely resemble the young Armand Jean le Bouthillier de Rancé, Abbé de Rancé (1626-1700). You will find this resemblance in the portrait by Rigaud, Hyacinthe (1659-1743). Abbaye de la Trappe (Soligny-la-Trappe), France.  The French abbot revived the Cistercian abbey of La Trappe and founded the reformed order of Cistercians, called Trappists, a monastic community that was extremely austere and kept complete silence (except for chanting in church).  The painting is mounted in an ornate gilded Oval frame which is probably original. This portrait is of the European school, country of origin unknown. Artist unknown. No signature was found. The figure seems to be painted in a northern European style, in the manner of Flemish artists. The canvas has a patch, and paint is cracked in some areas, there was minor restoration appropriate with the age, the frame has minor losses to the gild. Frame : 30" W X 36" H X 2" D Canvas: 22" W x 28" H X 1" D

GMO Guillermo Acevedo Mixed Media Painting 1960’s

For sale is a 1960s mixed media painting by the skilled artist GMO Guillermo Acevedo. It is a Pencil or Charcoal sketch on Paper of a Peruvian Woman in a Skirt and Hat. The artists presents the figure from the rear, in a Landscape with Spanish Baroque church architecture in the distant background. The Artist's signature is GMO (Guillermo) Acevedo. Acevedo uses contrast of heavy and light pencil markings to create the figure’s voluminous form. Her position in the foreground of the composition makes her monumental. Although the figure’s costume appears to be Andean, from Peru or Bolivia, it could be North American. Guillermo Acevedo was born on October 5, 1920, in Arequipa, a city situated at the foot of volcano Misti in Southern Peru. At the age of sixteen, he and his family moved to Lima where his father, a builder, architect and dreamer, followed a building boom to Peru's capital. Guillermo studied art at Lima's Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes, and for many years operated his own advertising business and commercial art studio in Lima before immigrating to the US in 1959. After a very fruitful career in San Diego as an artist, he and his wife Lydia moved to San Francisco to continue his work. They remained there until his death in October, 1988. Lydia now lives in San Diego at her home where Guillermo's art can be viewed. Don Guillermo Acevedo is best known for his powerful and perceptive detailed drawings of people, especially the Native Americans of the Southwest. His great sensitivity, apparent in all his drawings, marks him as a draftsman of outstanding talent. Size painting 23" L x 18" H frame 30 1/2"L x 24 1/2"H x 11/2" W CIRCA: 1960's - CONDITION: Excellent - MATERIAL: Paper, pencil, frame - ORIGIN: USA - STYLE: Contemporary #369LC501LT

Untitled Landscape. Chinese Ink on Silk. Signed David Lee. 1978

The painting depicts a mountainous landscape against sea and shore. It is painted with ink and Chinese powder pigments on silk by artist David Lee. Small houses appear on the cliffs, and birds fly overhead. In Chinese painting tradition, the large scale of the mountains symbolizes the power of nature. Artist signature in Chinese and English, David Lee 78. David Lee was born in Canton China in 1944. He moved to Hong Kong in 1946, then lived in Hawaii. Excellent condition, Frame size : 31"W x 2" D x 31" H. Canvas 27" L x 21" H