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Flood Damage Furniture Restoration

Dear Customers, please be reminded that we can offer guidance and assistance if your furniture was damaged by hurricane flood waters. We the owners of LR Antiques, Larry Levin, Lora Levin and Rachel Bley, have been providing furniture restoration and refinishing services for thirty years.

Here are a few tips: Beware of unnecessary services. Often table legs and chair legs subjected to minor water damage can be touched up, and may not require refinishing. Furniture constructed with particle board elements cannot be restored. Do not invest in its restoration.

Beware of refinishing companies with inadequate skill. Expertise is required to know that teak wood and rosewood, for instance, should be treated differently from mahogany and walnut. In times of great demand such as these, individuals might claim to have expertise they do not possess.

Be hesitant to deal with refinishing companies which lack proper facilities. Antique and rare furniture cannot be restored under sheds or tarps. Visit and approve their facilities before allowing your furniture to be delivered to them. It occasionally turns out that only a specific component of an antique or rare piece of furniture needs to be replaced. Restoration experts can help to locate period replacements. Your antique treasures can be properly preserved.  

Our Restoration History: LR Antiques’ restoration and refinishing services date back to the beginning of our business. In 1987, Larry Levin left the engineering profession to devote all of his time to our antique business, at which time he opened our LR Refinishing warehouse and established restoration services for our customers. This has remained a large part of our business. Customer confidence led to our working with insurance companies such as USAA, Liberty Mutual, and Travelers to provide repair estimates and property damage repairs. Some clients come to us by way of restoration consultants such as Blackmon Mooring Restoration and Belfor Property Restoration, with whom we have service contracts. We are proud to have long term restoration relationships with some clients, such as The Heritage Society of Houston which owns ten historical homes and a collection of 23,000 artifacts.

As one can imagine, LR Antiques is, at this time, inundated with requests for repair estimates. A great deal of our time is being spent traveling to water damaged homes to evaluate, give estimates and collect furniture. For this reason we encourage you to email us in addition to calling. Be assured we will reply.

Contact Larry Levin at LR Refinishing, Email: LRANTIQUES@LRANTIQUES.COM, 713 935-0121

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