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Meissen Porcelain, Hand Painted Figurine of a Boy with a Hat. Germany. 20th Century

Meissen porcelain. A hand painted 20th century Meissen porcelain figurine of a boy wearing a hat. The boy stands on a short base and leans against a tree stump. He holds his hands to his mouth, as if blowing. His pink waist sash, striped pants and polished shoes indicate he possibly represents a theatrical figure or musician, or folklore or mythological subject. Meissen Porcelain Germany. Manufacturer’s mark on the bottom cross swords, in red 21, underglaze 12. Circa: 20th Century Condition: Excellent Material: Porcelain Origin: Meissen Germany porcelain Style: Traditional SIZE: 1 1/4" L X 1 1/4" W X 5" H

Royal Vienna Porcelain Figurine of a Young Woman. Austria19th century

Antique hand painted multi-colored Royal Vienna Porcelain figurine of a beautiful young woman standing near a tree stump. She wears a floral pattern summer dress, and is semi-nude, as her dress exposes her breasts. With her arm up she holds a long branch with a garland of flowers, her bare feet stand on a short round base, and there is a tambourine laid on the ground behind her. The figure's modeling is particularly elegant where the flesh colored feet meet the base near the bottom of her dress, and the multi-colored garland is striking. The Royal Vienna figurine is properly marked with a blue beehive and letter I, probably the artist's initial. Royal Vienna Austria - Austrian Porcelain late 18th early 19th century. Circa: 18th-19th century Condition: Excellent Material: Porcelain Origin: Royal Vienna Austria Style: Traditional. Size : 3" Dia x 8" H.